Job Search Engines: Non-Profit

Last week’s Job Search Engine post focused on four of the biggest and most popular sites and identified the pros and cons of the search engines, while noting what type of jobs (and internships) one is likely to find on each site.  Of the four sites profiled, Craigslist and Indeed are the best for finding jobs in non-profit, with the former having a specific “nonprofit sector” job section and the latter regularly featuring jobs in the arts, education, social services, as well as other non-profit fields.

Although Craigslist and Indeed can be extremely helpful when looking for a job in non-profit, here are our picks for specific non-profit search engines that make it easier for you to find jobs that appeal to you without sifting through countless jobs that do not.

Yeah, we’re still Glinda-ing it up.

As outlined in its vision, Idealist “connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives” and provides site visitors with numerous resources to achieve this objective. The site regularly features employment and internship opportunities abroad (you can search for positions on every continent aside from Antarctica) and allows job and internship seekers to tailor their search results by selecting specific areas of focus, e.g. education, health and medicine, microcredit, or women; choosing preferred position functions, such as fundraising, research, or writing; as well as their experience, education level, and minimum salary.

Idealist is a comprehensive non-profit database: the Organizations page lists over 70,000 groups worldwide (you can click on a group’s page to learn more about the group and check for job listings); the Volunteer Opportunities page is a listing of endless volunteer positions; an Events page where organizations share information about a variety of upcoming activities; a Programs page which features fellowships and educational courses; and the Resources page is filled with seminars, educational tools, and services.

In addition to its search engine and resources, Idealist has a blog that offers career advice and explores interesting topics ( “Would Social Media Have Helped Nelson Mandela End Apartheid?” ) in addition to spotlighting specific events, individuals, and opportunities (the site also has three other blogs). The only glaring negative of the site is its lack of a centralized resume/cover letter assistance section. (Editor’s Note: The site does not provide assistance with cover letters and resume, but it does have a career center.)


Opportunity Knocks has a centralized resources page filled with helpful services and features for job seekers, such as resume help (ranging from $95 to $345), tips for transitioning into non-profit work, and podcasts. The Online Training section of the Resources page offers courses for employers and job seekers, and The Water Cooler is a section of the Resources pages where site visitors can share horror stories and funny stories about working in non-profit.

Opportunity Knocks’s initial job search page is essentially an advanced search page: it allows job seekers to specify their desired field, job function, salary range, and location prior to searching rather than after receiving their results. Job seekers can also bypass that page and search for jobs by company. Unlike Idealist, Opportunity Knocks doesn’t post international job postings or many internships.

Idealist and Opportunity Knocks are both on Twitter, and Idealist has Twitters for major metropolitan areas throughout the country such as California, DC, Illinois, and New York City. Follow them to receive updates on job openings and new articles and blog posts.


If you’re still in school or a recent graduate, college career sites are extremely helpful in your non-profit job search. Many sites offer non-profit as a job field; if your site doesn’t, typing non-profit (or non profit, or nonprofit) into the keyword or job description search bar can help refine your results (and you get A LOT of results on this site).

For those without access to a college career site, libraries provide patrons with endless career resources, from resume and cover letter help to finding a job within a specific industry. Visit your local library website and call to learn more about the services they provide.

Images courtesy of Gone Movies, Idealist, and Opportunity Knocks.

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