Bumble Bar

This week has been all about bars so I felt it would be in bad taste to break the trend on the last day of the work week, and if there’s anything we avoid like the plague around here at SkinnyOffice, it’s bad taste. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Bumble Bars.

Bumble Bars are gluten-free, organic, Vegan Academy approved sesame seed bars that come in twelve different flavors. I tried the Amazing Almond and Original Peanut bars. The Amazing Almond bar is really thin and light with notes of cinnamon and vanilla that compliment the taste of the sesame seeds. I found the almond to be quite subtle but I’m not sure if that can be attributed to the bar or some weird personal cinnamon hypersensitivity.

I tasted the peanut immediately upon trying the Original Peanut Butter bar and was happy to find that it worked with the cinnamon, vanilla, and sesame seed flavors to create a pleasantly sweet, light treat. I liked both bars a lot but I found the Original Peanut bar to be the better of the two because of how the different individual flavors, while pronounced, worked extremely well together.

Bumble Bars are a great office snack because on top of satisfying your sweet tooth, they have a lot of great nutritional benefits. In addition to having lots of fiber and vitamin E, these bars are rich in flax seeds which are a great source of omega 3. Also, sesame seeds contain calcium and the antioxidant sesamin. As long as you don’t hate the taste of sesame, you should try these bars because the sesame taste doesn’t dominate the bar and the flavors are surprisingly light and interesting.

Each serving of the Amazing Almond and Original Peanut bars contains 210 calories,  130 calories from fat, 15g of fat, 2g of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 80mg of sodium (3% of the DV), 7g of sugar, and 7g of protein. The Amazing Almond bar has 5g (18% of the DV) of fiber while the Original Peanut bar has 3g (13% of the DV). Both bars have 10% of the DV of niacin, 8% of the DV of vitamin B6, 15% of the DV of folate. The Amazing Almond bar has 35% of the DV of vitamin E and 4% of the DV of calcium. The Original Peanut bar has 40% of the DV of vitamin E and 6% of the DV of calcium.

You can buy Bumble Bars online. The website doesn’t have a store locator at the moment, but I suggest checking your local health food store for Bumble Bars because that’s there I found them.

Image courtesy of americasbestorganics.com.

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