Taking Your Lunch Break in Central Midtown, New York

In this second installment of  “Taking Your Lunch Break”, we shift our focus to public places west of Fifth Avenue in Midtown. While they may lack the striking green scenery of the spots featured in last week’s post, these spaces possess their own unique charm and, most importantly, allow you to take a respite from the office during the day.

Grace Plaza, at Sixth Avenue and West 43rd Street, is an outdoor plaza next to the Grace Building. With 140 seats and STK Out, a smaller outpost of STK Midtown, visitors can sit and enjoy burgers or their own lunches in the middle of the city.


Jose Bautista Moroles‘s Lapstrake is the focal point of the CBS Plaza located at 31 West 52nd Street, across the street from the Museum of Modern Art. In addition to the 22-foot-tall granite sculpture, the plaza has seating along the side (as seen to the left of the photograph) and presently, trees with leaves. While the plaza’s lone sculpture may not measure up to MOMA’s sculpture garden, the nonexistent price tag versus’s MOMA’s $25 admission fee.


Behind the McGraw-Hill Building, at 1221 Sixth Avenue, there is a public walkway that passes through a waterfall and leads to a tucked away public space. The aesthetic is minimalist: there are a handful of tables and chairs, a few birch trees, and a wall covered in wood. On a positive note, the limited seating creates an open space free from overcrowding.


645 Fifth Avenue is home to both the Olympic Tower Atrium and the Onassis Cultural Center. Admission to the Onassis Cultural Center, which features “cultural and artistic activities concerning ancient, Byzantine and modern Hellenic civilization”, is free and art, such as Kalliopi Lemos’s Perpetual Transitions in the above photograph, is constantly on display in the Atrium. The Atrium also has a cafe for those who prefer to grab a bite amongst the exhibits.

Images courtesy of These Are Things, sociallysuperlative.com, Wally Gobetz’s flickr, mogograham3′s flickr, and onassisusa.org.

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