Guest Post: Hummus

The following post has been written by our friend Treena Wynes, RSW, BSW, author of Eating Ourselves Crazy. Check out her site and follow her on twitter @MoodyFoods!

As a weight-loss counselor, I help my clients identify lifestyle factors and stressors that may be contributing to weight-loss challenges. Most people identify their hectic work environment as their biggest influence in developing chaotic eating habits. Many offices are filled with unhealthy snacks or vending machines stuffed with sodium and sugar-filled options. My hope is to create a healthy landscape of food in order to ensure sufficient mental energy for the demanding tasks ahead without adding on unwanted pounds.

Packing lunches and snacks are extremely helpful and not as much work as people think. One of my favorites (and now my clients’) is hummus and veggies. There are several brands but I enjoy Cedar’s Hummus. They have an organic option and endless flavors to explore. Hummus is very healthy as it is mostly comprised of mashed chickpeas and tahini (sesame seed paste). It is high in protein and good fats making it popular with vegetarians. Hummus has Omega 3 and tryptophan which generates brain energy and good moods making us more resilient to stress.

Hummus tastes great with sliced cucumbers and red peppers. The creamy texture mixed with a fresh crispy crunch creates a fabulous eating experience! Pita chips and brown rice crackers are also perfect for dipping. Another use for hummus is as a condiment in wraps. Spread hummus (any desired flavor) in a whole grain wrap and add your favorite veggies and leafy greens (I like to throw in some sprouts). Roll and cut in half and pack for work. You can eat half in the morning and half mid-afternoon.

Planning snacks doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. Pick an afternoon or evening to chop up your veggies for the week. Purchase a couple of containers of hummus and you are set for when hunger strikes. Your co-workers will envy how you can pass the vending machine and all the candy bowls in the office without a second glance!

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