Guest Post: Bring Your Lunch to Work

The following post has been written by our friend Lauren who runs the food blog here2eat. Check out her blog and follow her on twitter @LNLella!

Hi Gang! I wanted to talk to you all quickly about the benefits both for the waistline and your wallet when it comes to bringing your lunch to work! I’ve always brought my lunch; it’s truly all I know. Now I’m not going to lead you down this path and say it isn’t time consuming. Because it is. But it’s certainly well worth it.

I work in NYC; I have co-workers who go out not only for breakfast but also for lunch, 5 days a week! This is where I considered myself savvy. Every Sunday, I hit the grocery store and buy food for the week; I usually spend around $35 – $40 on food for breakfast and lunch for 5 days. I usually always eat overnight oats for breakfast, so oats are usually already on hand. If you haven’t tried overnight oats, here are some of my go to recipes. I highly suggest!

Lauren’s Blueberrry Coconut Overnight Oats

For lunch though, I like to mix it up. One of my faves is my ‘kitchen sink salad’. I don’t think there is anything better than a big green salad that is filled with nutritious, yet delicious items. Everyone always compliments my lunch … I truly think it’s the color of the salad that gets em’ every time! My go to salad at this time consists of roasted red peppers, banana peppers, red onion, edamame, roasted broccoli, bean sprouts, avocado, cherry tomatoes and then I mixed it up with either tempeh or quinoa. All of a bed of spinach, this salad is either topped off with peach pineapple salsa (15 cals per serving!) or straight up balsamic sometimes with a squirt of djion mustard.

Lauren’s Kitchen Sink Salad

Again, breakfast and lunch prep takes time, but in the end it’s well worth it. I like to know where my calories are coming from, I also love delicious food and I’m not willing to chance $10 on a crappy lunch. Do you bring your breakfast and lunch to work? If so, please gush you’re fave foods/recipes with us!

Happy Office Eating … And remember the occasional Friday lunch out never hurts!

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