Garden of Eatin’ Pico de Gallo Tortilla Chips

Before seventh grade, I thought tortilla chips were a pointless snack.  As a child with a mother who sincerely believed Fig Newtons were a yummy treat, I decided to take snacking into my own hands. All of my snacks needed to be full of flavor and the saltiness of tortilla chips did not count. The only exception were Cool Ranch Doritos because they were flavored and had green and red flecks of  “seasoning” on them.  Works of art, to be honest.

Trying Tostitos Tortilla Chips with a Hint of Lime at my first Peer Listeners meeting changed all of that. The chips blew my mind.  They were still salty, but the lime flavoring surpassed my wildest expectations. Plus, the chips were sprinkled with green flecks of flavor which is obviously a telltale sign of tastiness. My eleven-year-old palate was in heaven!

Fast forward to today and I am still a huge fan of flavored tortilla chips. I love the thickness of tortilla chips, I love the crunch, and I love that there are so many interesting flavor combinations to try! So when I went to the natural food market and saw Garden of Eatin’ Pico de Gallo Tortilla Chips, I figured I had to give them a shot.

These chips are seriously awesome. It has been years since I’ve had pico de gallo but if it tastes anything like these chips, I might have to start eating it regularly. These chips are thick, crunchy and have a mild smokiness that enhances the fantastic flavor blend by making it even fuller. They also aren’t overwhelmingly salty like a lot of tortilla chips and they’re filling; yes, technically everything is filling if you eat enough of it but you don’t have to eat too many of these chips to reach that state of bliss. I wish I could describe the flavor in great detail but a Top Chef, I am not. All I will say is, these chips taste so good that if you eat them with salsa, you probably don’t have taste buds. Or you might have an addiction to salsa.

As for the nutritional benefits, I was really happy to see that Garden of Eatin’ Pico de Gallo chips do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. The chips are made with organic whole corn kernels and natural expeller-pressed oils, which is a chemical-free way of extracting oil from a nut or seed. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The chips are gluten free and a great snack for vegetarians and vegans too! Each serving contains 140 calories, 13% of your daily recommended amount of fiber, 4% of your daily recommended amount of calcium, and 4% of your daily recommended amount of iron. Check out the Garden of Eatin’ store locator to find out where you can grab a bag.

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