Oh Boy! Oberto All-Natural Jerky

Oh boy is right. This post, SkinnyFriends, is a special one, because it will be my last. (Elena here, by the way.) Between my heavy happy hour schedule, the new season of American Idol, and the increasing difficulty of keeping tabs on Lindsay Lohan’s whereabouts, I just don’t have the time anymore. I’m deeply sorry if any of you will miss my posts/anecdotes/sense of humor…especially sorry for those who’ll miss my sense of humor.

Fortunately, Georgia and her usual creepily acute awareness of Kate Middleton’s day-to-day life will still be here, so not to worry! Your daily snack suggestions will still arrive every morning in your email inbox (or if they don’t, follow us already for Christ’s sake!).

So here goes my last SkinnyStory!

Recently I’ve been having a protein problem. As in, I definitely don’t get enough of it. (Who knew you couldn’t get your daily protein intake with a cup of fro-yo?!) And my friend told me that sugar cravings often can be the result of not getting enough protein! Suddenly, everything in life made sense.

So I decided to get serious about my protein. The very next afternoon, while choosing my afternoon snack at the local bodega, I only considered items that were chock-full of protein. I surveyed my options: yogurt, nuts, protein bar…all the same old options I’m getting tired of. Then, I spotted an unlikely winner: Oh Boy! Oberto All-Natural Jerky. Any snack with an exclamation point in the title MUST be good.

My flavor recommendation: Teriyaki Turkey Jerky

I know, I know, you may have some reservations about jerky. For one thing, I know it’s not exactly the most feminine treat. In addition, usually the scary thing about jerky is that you don’t actually know what it is, like what has been put in it to make it so dry and chewy?? This jerky, however, is ALL-NATURAL so you can tear off a bite while being sure that there are no weird preservatives in it or anything. And I think we could all learn to embrace the inner tomboy in us once in a while!…I guess.

Jerky is severely underrated and undereaten by us girls; it’s insanely low in calories (about 90 for a serving), insanely high in protein, and insanely low in fat. Plus, it will completely cure/kill your salt cravings.

I wish you all the best in your office snacking endeavors and I will definitely still write if I discover any more amazing SkinnySnacks!



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  1. Elena,
    I will miss you. Maybe you’ll reconsider down the road and want to resume your playful meanderings for us. It is such a nice, cozy, creative match with your writings, sharing humourous word after word with your reader-followers.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful, intelligent, welli-educated brain full of ideas and sass.

    This is sad :(
    Though I don’t know you personally, I feel i love you for you, and will miss you. (Must you go?…..)

    Best of Luck in all you do and explore in your amazing life,
    Your Skinny Office friend,

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