Suzie’s Thin Cakes

There’s not much to say about Susie’s Thin Cakes. When I grabbed them off the shelf at the supermarket I didn’t even think about what I was buying–I liked them before I even tried them. I mean, they have the words “thin” and “cake” in the title, which is convincing enough for me.  Of course the word cake is deceiving in this particular circumstance. Suzie’s Thin Cakes are more comparable to cardboard than to actual cakes, but with only 15 calories per “cake,” you can top these whole-grain cracker-type things with just about anything and you’ll still have an insanely low-calorie snack. I like to top mine with: cream cheese, regular cheese, hummus, salsa, turkey, and basically anything else that I have laying around.

I would say more about what Susie’s Thin Cakes actually taste like, but really, that’s not the point here (they’re good enough, and that’s all I’m going to say.) The point is, Susie’s Thin Cakes taste like whatever you want them to taste like, if you put the right stuff on top. I guess you could eat them plain, but as your um, “nutritionist” in this situation, I’m going to recommend that you find some dip or spread before breaking open a pack of Thin Cakes. I guess if I’m playing nutritionist for the moment I should also mention that they’re made of brown rice…yay.

Now you're talking!

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