Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffeemate

The one main reason that I can function throughout the day like a semi-normal human being also happens to be my best friend: coffee. I love having coffee any time of day and need it for just about everything I do. I think my passion for a good cup of joe began when I worked at the “alternative” coffeeshop in my hometown, the one where nobody except my own friends went to, and even they only came after I lured them with promises of free coffee. No wonder it went out of business soon after I left…whoops.

So I used to be what many might call a coffee purist, meaning that I take pleasure and pride in looking down upon those who need sugar or milk, or those who use any sort of weird flavoring in their coffee. Which is totally hypocritical because I always take skim milk in my coffee, and when I am at Dunkin’ Donuts I only ever get their hazelnut coffee. But whatever, I’ve already made peace with the fact that I’m going to be one of those “do-as-I-say,-not-as-I-do” moms.

Any fake coffee snob's weakness

But my biggest crime as an already-not-so-pure-coffee-purist is using Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffeemate. It’s creamy AND sweet, the two things coffee connoisseurs despise most, but it is just SO GOOD and makes coffee taste like a happy dream (before you wake up and realize you’re not BFFs with Beyonce after all). And since the best thing about coffee is that it is calorie-free–God bless whoever invented it!!!–the fact that this sugar-free coffeemate is only 15 calories per tablespoon means that you don’t have to feel at all guilty about using it with every cup.

P.S. This Coffeemate also goes GREAT in Diet Hot Chocolate for a little touch of creaminess (thanks to one of my BFFs Katie for this delicious discovery)!

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