I haven’t had a sip of orange juice since I was about 13, which means that it’s been a bit over a decade since I last tried this luscious drink. For the better part of the last decade though, I had no idea what I was missing out on. Then in December, I was overcome by an intense and insatiable craving for orange juice, and of course, I gave in.

The juice of my dreams

Once I had my first sip there was no turning back. Drinking orange juice is like having an angel in your mouth, and I can’t believe I’ve been drinking anything else all these years. As much as I’d like to keep a juicer in my bedroom and squeeze myself cups and cups of this delicious juice, the truth is, I’m not drinking that much of anything that has 110 calories per serving…especially if it’s not alcoholic (a mimosa just may be the answer to my prayers!)

But for the occasions when a mimosa isn’t appropriate, Tropicana has made a product to solve all my problems: Trop50 Orange Juice. With only 50 calories per serving, this is the perfect juice option for someone who doesn’t want to waste all those calories on a drink. Trop50 certainly doesn’t taste like traditional orange juice– it’s much thinner and you can kind of taste the added Stevia (sorry, Tropicana, it’s true.) But everything else I drink has artificial sweetener…so what’s one more drink! And Trop50 comes in 8 flavors, including apple and pineapple mango. I’m heading to the supermarket right now to stock up!


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  1. I absolutely love your blog! Your my hero almost everything you post I go out and try that day usually lol Thanks!!

  2. drinks are like my #1 thing on which I refuse to waste calories! I even switched from dairy milk to 40 calorie Almond milk so I wouldn’t feel bad about eating cereal. I am excited to try this option for juice!

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