La Tortilla Factory’s Smart & Delicious 100-Calorie Tortillas

Tortilla wraps are pretty boring in and of themselves. In fact, I can’t think of one interesting anecdote or related celebrity news story or little-known fact to introduce them in this post, so I am just going to be direct. Though everybody thinks wraps are always the healthier option, this is not true, as wraps–just the tortilla wrap part, never mind what may be inside–often contain hundreds of calories and little nutritional value. A tortilla wrap can derail a healthy lunch faster than my boyfriend can race out of the room when I start talking about favorite baby names. (Which do NOT include “Blue Ivy,” Beyonce. Despite its “special meaning” to you.)

Maybe I'll name my child "Blue Tortilla". That is what has special meaning for ME.

Luckily, La Tortilla Factory makes “Smart & Delicious” tortillas, each of which is a healthy 100 calories and has 8 grams of fiber. Keep a pack of these in the office, and you can make a healthy and filling lunch or snack out of one whenever you want. No matter what other kinds of ingredients you have lying around, I assure you that you can make SOME creation out of it. That is the beauty of wraps, their versatility–I’ve been known to wrap one around a piece of string cheese, create a chopped-veggie-burger wrap, or eat wraps with nothing but barbecue sauce inside! (Um. Hm. That sounds less appealing in writing.)

With La Tortilla Factory’s Smart & Delicious 100-Calorie Tortillas (did I mention they are low-carb and come in whole wheat!?), there is no reason to eat a mystery-calorie wrap from a restaurant ever again!*

*Unless you’re out to eat. Don’t bring these with you to restaurants or anything. I mean, it’s good to try and eat healthily, but really, that would just be ridiculous. You’d look like a nutcase. I wouldn’t eat with you.


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