City Snacks

It was just a typical morning. I was wandering around a deli, doing everything in my power not to arrive at work a moment early, looking to find a SkinnySnack for that afternoon. I passed some Soy Crisps, and paused to consider them, but then I spotted a little friendly-looking pouch that had a very appealing picture of an apple on the front, and it said “City Snacks.” Well, like any girl who grows up in New Jersey and moves to NYC, I call myself a City Girl, so it was a done deal!

As good as that sliced fruit looks, I think it's the checkmark at the bottom that really put me over the edge. Somebody approves...

Basically this Apple City Snack is just dried apple. If you’ve ever had dried fruit before you may THINK you know what I mean but you don’t. Because this isn’t the kind of soft, chewy, kind of nauseatingly sweet dried apple snack that you eat a huge plastic container of and then get sick from every day in order to crash diet for senior prom. (Like, you know, hypothetically speaking.) No, these are light and kind of chip-like in that they’re just slightly crispy. I think Georgia, who also loves City Snacks, best analyzed the texture:¬†“It like, melts in your mouth, and it’s just there and it’s crunchy and then you hold it, like savor it, but it just melts and then it’s not there.”

City Snacks comes in 7 varieties: Strawberry, Peach, Banana, Banana and Strawberry (no doubt for the indecisive SkinnyWorker), Apple, Pineapple, and Pear. Depending on which fruit, one pouch ranges from 40 to 75 calories–what a bargain! Another bonus is that they are reminiscent of astronaut food, which admittedly I haven’t ever exactly¬†tried but hello, I’ve SEEN Apollo 13.

So grab some City Snacks for your five-minute-oh-oops-it’s-been-half-an-hour Gilt Groupe break and you’ll be able to snack while feeling confident that you can fit into that Alice & Olivia dress you’ve been eyeing.

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